Mobile security & regulatory compliance

What we do


We are experts in mobile security from regulatory compliance to deep technical analysis.

Regulatory compliance audit

We perform GDPR, SSI (Information Systems Security) maturity, ISO 27001, SecNumCloud, ARJEL, COBIT, ENISA IoT, HDS, LPM, NIS compliance audits for you.


We perform several trainings: EBIOS Risk Manager, GDPR discovery, risks and threats, how to protect your digital identity, DPO, secure coding and more.

Technical analysis and support

We help you from the ideation to the release of your mobile application. We give you advices and insights on how to make your app and data being secure.

Security audit and pentesting

We perform various security audits and pentesting of your API endpoints, mobile apps and its 3rd-parts following MITRE and OWASP guidelines.

Mobile app fraud detection

We provide a SaaS product meant to detect, track and analyze malicious apps mimicking yours. You are notified each time your app has been counterfeited.

Risk assessment

Based on your technical environment, your app eco-system and your business, we provide detailed risk assessment telling you what are the threats you face.

Mobile app behavior analysis

We provide a SaaS product meant to automatically detect suspicious behaviors and data collections in Android applications and SDK (JAR, AAR).

Malware reverse engineering

We perform behavioral and technical reverse engineering of Android malwares and other mobile cyber threats using both static and dynamic analysis.

Security expert witness

We provide technical consulting to lawyers on software disputes, regulatory compliance cases, cyber threats analysis and mobile forensic.