static analysis of Android applications and SDKs

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The big picture

How do you know what an application or SDK actually does?

When you don't have the source code it is arduous to answer:

  • How do I know if an app or SDK is acting normally and only does well what it is meant to?
  • How do I know what data can be collected by an app or SDK?
  • What are the Android APIs used by an app or SDK?
  • How can I quickly make an inventory of data collected by an application to check its regulatory compliance?


Regulatory compliance

Audit Android SDKs, analyze sensitive actions and types of data accessed before integration into your application.

Quality assessment

Analyze and verify that you have mastered all the functionalities of your application and control the list of collected data.

Quick overview of data processing

Get a quick overview of the data accessed and processed and the number of entry points that led to these accesses.

Entrypoints details

Get the list of permissions, activities, providers, services and receivers present in the application. Quickly differentiate between third party and internal elements of the application.

Application details

Hash, UAID, version, cryptographic information on the application signature and its control flow graph to easily spot malicious or unlegitimate behavior and data collection.

Used system APIs

Get a list of the system APIs used by the application. Aether accompanies you in reading the analysis report by giving you access to the documentation of the APIs used.