Digital security and open source software development

Defensive Lab Agency is a French company founded in 2018 by Esther Onfroy with the objective of providing expert services on digital security and software development to non-governmental organizations and civil society.

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Our project

PiRogue Tool Suite

PiRogue tool suite (PTS) provides a platform combining analysis tools, knowledge management, incident response management and artifact management, which allows NGOs with limited resources to equip themselves at a low cost. The project consists of an open-source tool suite that provides a comprehensive mobile device forensics and digital investigation platform.

Our main services


Software development

We develop custom software solutions to meet the specific needs of NGOs, human rights defenders and civil society organizations. This could include tools for data management or digital investigation.


Malware analysis

We analyze suspicious mobile applications to understand their functionality and identify potential security threats. This helps protect individuals and organizations from mobile malware.


Expert witness

We provide expert testimony in legal cases related to digital rights abuses. Our technical expertise can help courts and attorneys understand the technical aspects of evidence and make informed decisions.



We offer a variety of training courses on digital security and human rights. These courses can help staff members learn how to protect themselves and expand their technical expertise.


Penetration testing

We help you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Penetration testing simulates a cyberattack to see how your systems would respond in a real-world scenario.


Regulatory compliance

We advise you on how to comply with relevant data protection and privacy regulations. This can help you to protect the privacy of your staff as well as your users.



PiRogue and Colander tools from the PiRogue Tool Suite were instrumental for our project in conducting the analysis and identifying privacy violations in the mobile apps. As strategic litigators, it is crucial for us to collect solid evidence of privacy violations to support our arguments during the procedure. The two tools provide a comprehensive setup for mobile app investigations and are open source. PiRogue helps record network traffic and other evidence such as cryptographic activity, SSL keylog files, socket activity, and even a screencast of the app from the viewpoint of the app user. Thanks to Colander, we were able to analyse the entire network traffic of the apps tested and identify suspicious activities. Both tools are intuitive to use and deliver reliable results. As an NGO, we highly value the tool's reliability and accessibility, as it empowers us to investigate mobile apps that would otherwise be very difficult to explore.

- Ala Krinickyte, Data protection lawyer at noyb