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Who we are

Our values

Defensive Lab Agency is a unique security boutique: it closes the gap around mobile devices and strategic assets and enables a renewed trust in IoT. Our multifaceted skillset supports nearly everything mobile and sensor-based in tomorrow's connected world. Best of all, the tech coming out of Defensive Lab Agency's R&D stream puts you back in control of your most important and sensitive information, whatever you choose that to be.

We have built the Defensive Lab Agency with rigour, intelligence and ethics. The result is a company we are proud of – your most trusted ally, one that stands the test of time.

Our mission

Our team combines experience with passion, creativity, and perseverance. A distributed, multilingual bunch of unique skill sets and agile minds, we work from France, from rural back roads to corporate boardrooms, committed to supporting our clients.

We strive for simplicity. We deliver sophistication. Defensive Lab Agency is all about advanced end-point security, privacy and control over connected devices. Our multidisciplinary team aims at useful innovation and pragmatic R&D allying ethics and business efficiency. Through our unique positioning, we provide holistic security: from prototyping to audits, from anti-counterfeit monitoring to strengthening authentication, from research to production.

What we do

Our products

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Detect and track counterfeit versions of your Android app with ScatterScam.

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Quickly identify malicious behaviors of Android apps with


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