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Protect your mobile apps from counterfeits

There is a lot of counterfeit and fake mobile applications in the wild. Those apps looks like genuine ones but are modified by attackers to embed malware and other malicious code putting your users and your endpoints at risk. Exploiting your visibility and your reputation to harm your ecosystem is really easy. This is why we find a growing number of counterfeit apps.

At Defensive Lab Agency, we monitor those attacks for many years. And we can help.

With ScatterScam, we allow you to detect counterfeits of your application, search evidences of compromission and find out who is behind a counterfeit campaign.

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Static analysis of Android applications and SDKs.

Telling what an application actually does on a device is a hard task. Of course, you can take look at permissions requested by an app but it's not enough to know if the permission is actually used by the application nor what part of the application needs this permission.

How can you easily ensure your regulatory documents are in line with your app behavior?

How can you know an SDK used by your app does only what is is meant to do ?

You'll find answers to those questions with Aether.

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