Detection of counterfeit mobile applications.

ScatterScam is a platform meant to detect and track counterfeit Android applications.

What a counterfeit application is?

It is an application that, most of the time, acts exactly like the official application: it offers the same services, the same functionalities; it is visually identical; but it has been modified to incorporate malicious code.

This malicious code can, for example: cause data leaks (including sensitive data such as login credentials), abuse the permissions granted to your application for illegitimate use.

The main levers sought by attackers to choose your application as an attack vector are most of the time: your brand image, your notoriety, the trust your customers offer you.

How does ScatterScam work?

ScatterScam relies on several bots browsing the Internet daily to detect new published applications.

The signature engine integrated into ScatterScam enables real-time counterfeit detection, tracking and identification of legitimate counterfeit applications.

When ScatterScam detects a counterfeit, it warns you immediately and allows you to take note of the details collected on this counterfeit.

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Monitoring & Alerts

Receive an alert when ScatterScam identifies a counterfeit version of your application and follow its propagation in real time.

Example of use: you edit an application that is sensitive in terms of security (banking, messaging, etc.) and want to react as quickly as possible when a counterfeit appears in order to protect your users.

SDK & Verification

Integrate the ScatterScam SDK into your application to ensure that once installed it only interacts with legitimate applications.

Example of use: you edit a password manager and want to make sure that your application never communicates your users' identifiers to a counterfeit applications.

Our commitment to open source projects

Defensive Lab Agency uses a lot of open source softwares and services.

As we never thank these projects enough for all adventures they allow, we have chosen to offer ScatterScam for free to open source projects.

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